The Missing Gourmet: Unraveling the Mystery of Picard’s Absence in the US

For those who have experienced the culinary delight of Picard’s gourmet frozen foods in France, it’s a mystery why this brand has not yet made its way to the United States. Picard, a French company known for its high-quality frozen food products, has been a staple in French households since 1973. Despite its success in France and other European countries, Picard remains conspicuously absent from the American market. This article aims to unravel the mystery behind Picard’s absence in the US and explore the potential reasons behind this.

Understanding Picard’s Business Model

Picard’s business model is unique in the frozen food industry. The company prides itself on offering gourmet frozen foods that are not only convenient but also of high quality. Picard’s products range from ready-to-eat meals to desserts, vegetables, and even seafood. The company’s commitment to quality and its wide variety of offerings have made it a beloved brand in France.

The Challenges of Entering the US Market

While Picard’s success in France is undeniable, entering the US market presents a unique set of challenges. The US frozen food market is highly competitive, with numerous well-established brands vying for market share. Additionally, American consumers’ perceptions of frozen food may differ from those of French consumers. In the US, frozen food is often viewed as a less healthy, less tasty alternative to fresh food. This perception could pose a significant hurdle for a gourmet frozen food brand like Picard.

Regulatory Hurdles

Another potential barrier to Picard’s entry into the US market is the country’s stringent food safety regulations. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has strict standards for food products, including those that are frozen. These regulations could require Picard to make significant changes to its products or manufacturing processes, which could be costly and time-consuming.

Logistical Challenges

Finally, the logistical challenges of entering the US market cannot be overlooked. The US is a vast country with diverse food preferences and dietary restrictions. Catering to this diverse market would require a deep understanding of American food culture and potentially significant changes to Picard’s product lineup.


While the absence of Picard’s gourmet frozen foods in the US may be disappointing for fans of the brand, it’s clear that there are several potential barriers to its entry into this market. From the competitive nature of the US frozen food industry to regulatory hurdles and logistical challenges, Picard would need to navigate a complex landscape to establish a presence in the US. However, given the company’s success in France and other European countries, it’s possible that we may see Picard on American shelves in the future.

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